Belvedere Golf Club

The following customs belong to the established Etiquette of Golf, and should be observed by all golfers:


All Members, Guest & Staff shall wear proper golf attire while on the golf course or inside the Clubhouse:

Proper golf attire includes:

  1. Mock neck shirts, shirts with a collar or sleeves
  2. Tailored slacks or mid-thigh shorts
  3. Golf Skirts
  4. Appropriate golf footwear
  5. Golf rain wear

The following clothing shall not be worn on the golf course or in the Club house with the exception of Blue denim jeans, which may be worn in the clubhouse and at the driving range, but not on the course.

  1. Blue denim jeans
  2. Camouflage shorts or pants
  3. Bathing suits
  4. Sweat pants
  5. Short shorts (shorter than mid-thigh)
  6. Cut-off pants or rugby pants
  7. T-shirts with graffiti