Belvedere Golf Club


On May 30th, 2013, we had our Opening Fun Day (no golf due to rain) but held our Luncheon with over 34 ladies attending the luncheon.


On July 11th, 2013 we were booked to go to Country View Golf Course due to Kenmac Energy being held at Belvedere.  All booked showed up but we were rained out!!


On July 16, 2013, we had our Belvedere 18 Hole/9 Hole Ladies Fun Day.  With 12 holes of golf and a luncheon at 12:30 pm. (Hosted by Belvedere 18 Hole Ladies). We had 28 ladies at the luncheon.


On October 3rd, 2013, we had our 18 Hole Ladies Closing Fun Day  (played 12 holes) and 22 of our 18 hole ladies attended the luncheon with the following prizes being presented:


                                    18 HOLE LADIES MATCH  WINNERS – 2013 SEASON                                  

PETER GHIZ, BARR    June 4th to June 13th (4 matches)

                        WINNER:                  Lorna Gaudin                       

                        RUNNER UP:           Pat Keough   

RICHARD HYDE MEMORIAL   June 18th to June 27th (4 matches)

                        WINNER:                  Mary Mitchell           

                        RUNNER UP:           Pat Keough               

EILEEN FULFORD MEMORIAL MATCH PLAY  July 2nd to July 9th (4 matches)

                        WINNER:                  Elaine Doyle  

                        RUNNER UP:           Sylvia Sampson

                        CONSOLATION:     Sandy Stefansson

R BIRT & ASSOCIATES   July 18th to August 1stth  (5 matches)

                        WINNER:                  Dianne Cudmore

                        Runner Up:               Carole Stewart

COOKE INSURANCE    August 3rdh to August 20th (5 matches)

                        WINNER:                  Carole Stewart         

                        RUNNER UP:           Nancy McRae                       

BMR    August 22nd to September 10th (4 matches)

                        WINNER:                  Carol Morgan

                        RUNNER UP:           Dianne Cudmore

PUTTING:  We counted the best of 3 putting days

                        WINNER:                  Pat Keough               

RCGA                     We counted the best of 5 RCGA days

                        WINNER:                  Elaine Doyle

BREAK PINS: Break 100:              Jeanne Ready


BIRDIE TREE Winners:                 Elaine Doyle & Sylvia Sampson (6)

RINGER BOARD: Winner             Lorna Gaudin (68 for 18 holes)



Dianne Cudmore/Elaine Doyle

Belvedere 18 Hole Ladies Convenors