Belvedere Golf Club

Belvedere Women's Branch
President's Report
November 4, 2013

Good Evening:


I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of your Executive, to welcome you and thank you for coming to your Annual Closing.

Your Executive, Committee Chair & Co-Chairs have all done reports for you to review.  These reports contain the Ladies’ Branch Accomplishments for the season.  If anyone requires a copy, please let me know.

A reminder to our Lady members, your executive acts as a liaison for you to the board of Directors.  All feedback should be submitted in writing to your ladies’ President, to be presented to the Board of Directors.

This year we have been very busy preparing the constitution for you, many trips were made to see Keith Boswell and many meetings were held to make sure we made the best possible amendments.

The last time the Belvedere Ladies Branch constitution was reviewed and updated was 1981.  There have been many changes at Belvedere since that time.  For example, we no longer have Curling or Social Memberships.

The main differences and clarity items in the Constitution are as follows: 

·         Plain language allowing a better understanding of the clauses.

·         The purpose for a Women’s Branch.

·         Duties and roles of the executive, including time and duration for each position.

·         Better alignment with the overall Belvedere Constitution.

·         Parameters around “Special Meeting” including the requirements for, and, procedure for the call for a special meeting.

·         Change of name from Ladies Branch to Women’s Branch.

I also spent most Thursdays this year at 5:00 pm with the Social Group trying to make them feel welcome and encourage them to bring a friend or play on weekends and hopefully to become full members.  This is an area where anyone who would like to assist me would be greatly appreciated.


Things we did for them this year:

2 Wine tasting nights

1 putting class

1 chipping class

9 hole tournament where we had a hole in one, Gladys?

Closing October 29, Nachos, wine tasting & 5 hole tournament with prizes.

Before I close, I would like to say we have lost golfing friends throughout our years at Belvedere.  We want them to know they are missed.

I have enjoyed being your president and leave you in the amazing hands of Richey Mayne.